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The Radical Orthodoxy of Hans Flury and Willi Harder (1992)  (PDF)
„Get your physics in place, then worry about the metaphysics,“ Dr. Rolf used to say.

Some Considerations Concerning a Birth Process – by Mary Ann Skillman (2021) (PDF)
On 26 January, 2021, a 40 year old woman pregnant with her first child (after trying for 15 years and then adopting 3 children) came to me for a treatment at the recommendation of her Midwife.

Verbindungen zwischen Ida Rolf und Gaston Bachelard (2018) (PDF)
Der folgende Text ist entstanden als überarbeitete Aufzeichnung eines Gesprächs mit Hans Flury in Langen, Dezember 2018.
Fragen gestellt haben
Rosi Burkhardt-Meinel, Susanne Steinbrich, Mirjam Corti und Isolde Specka

Does Normal Function Integrate Structure – by Barbara Bettini-Tanner and Hans Flury (2013) (PDF)
If it is true that tension rather than pressure changes fascia, movement can be expected to change fascia, too. The conditions for such a change through movement are discussed as well as factors which would make this change integrative. Four models were photographed before and after doing Folding on one leg in a stretching mode with the intention of looking for indications of possible structural integration.

Introduction_to Structural Integration – by Wolf Wagner (2012) (PDF)
Summary: Sometimes people interested in the field of structural integration like to be informed about the conceptual background of the field. This is done the easiest way by lining up the most important and relevant questions pertaining to the field. Definitions of the basic concepts are necessary. They allow to formulate pertinent questions and possibly find sensible answers.

Structural Analysis – a Diagnostic Six-step Schema – by Willi Harder and Hans Flury (2007) (PDF)
A clear conceptual differentiation between structural and functional aspects of the body allows us to make clearer statements about its structural state. With the block model as our reference,we can analyze the relative position of the major body segments, i.e. show in which direction these segments deviate from normal. Tilt and shift of the pelvic segment in the sagittal planedetermine distinctive patterns in the front-to-back dimension; side-tilt and side-shift do the same for the left/right dimension. Rotation around the vertical axis reveals the so-called „standard rotation,“ while examining deviations upward and downward along this axis leads to the point of view of structural dynamics.
The results of such an analysis provide a rational background for bringing the body more toward normal. This system provides a framework for dealing with local concerns while keeping the whole in mind.

Grounding Structural Concepts in Physical Reality – by Hans Flury (2003) (PDF)
Ida Rolf consistently stressed the importance of „gravity, an unexplored factor in a more human use of human beings“. Examining this contention more specifically and concretely immediately leads to realizing that gravity as a physical force permanently interacts with other forces. These are normal force which acts from the ground up on the body and upwards at every level of the body as well as tensional elastic forces always present in the fascial net.
This necessitates a more exact definition of structure and function. And this in turn results in a rational argument for Ida Rolf’s normative statement of an ideal which she called „normal structure“. Normal structure (and Normal Function) is the answer to the questions of which structure permits best balance, optimal support, most length, and maximum economy of function.